Megamax Services

Empowering Business with Emerging Technologies

Majorly Focused Digital Transformation and Excellence through Managed IT Services including Infrastructure, ADM and Digital Solutions.

Megamax Aviation

World class Aircrafts & Helicopters

Megamax Aviation is amongst the leading companies indulged in offering Private Aircraft and Charter Helicopter services in India. Besides Charter Aircraft services, we are also known to arrange Char Dham special packages for our esteemed clients.

Megamax Solar

Be a part of Revolution

Megamax Solar is a professionally managed group engaged in providing services in solar sector. Our Services include vast area of Solar domain like Solar Roof Top System and Solar on ground system for various applications.

Journey of Megamax

We started our journey on 01st July 2015, and now in 2022 Megamax Services has been scaling great heights with the support and dedication of the company employees. We sincerely thank all the members of the Board of Directors, supporting staff and employees for toiling hard over the years to make Megamax an organisation of esteem.

We are the Group that World demands

Megamax Group which has its headquarters in Noida, India, and a global presence in the USA is a conglomeration of 3 companies. Megamax services offer Nextgen IT infrastructure, application and maintenance services. They make the digital transformation of businesses possible.

Megamax Aviation is a known leader in charter aircraft services. On the other side, Megamax Solar focuses on providing an exceptional array of solar services. Three companies with one objective and that is to provide revolutionary services to businesses and bring about a global transformation in the IT, aviation, and solar sectors in India.

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What makes On-Ground Solar Panel Services beneficial for upcoming Generation?
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Solar Power is going to be absolutely essestial to meeting growing energy demands while staving off climate change.

-Ramez Naam